Travel to Alaska:
Fairbanks and Anchorage are served by several US Carriers and directly from Europe with Condor Air. Most people find that Alaska Airlines provides the best service, schedules and fares. Please book your flights to arrive before 3:30 pm the day before your trip and don’t plan on departing for at least 24 hours after you are scheduled to return.

Travel to McGrath:
Regularly scheduled air service between Anchorage and McGrath is served by Alaska Air Transit.

Travel around McGrath:
The villages of McGrath, Nikolai and Takotna are pedestrian friendly and you will be able to get around on foot with no trouble.  Hotel McGrath has a shuttle van that is available to get you around town if desired.

Accommodations in Anchorage:
Anchorage is Alaska's largest and most bustling city, with a variety of lodging choices to suit your preference.  From B&B's to 4-star hotels, you'll find the right fit by visiting the following link: