Travel/Cancellation Insurance
We strongly urge you to purchase travel/cancellation insurance.                                                                         Everything in remote Alaska is "weather-dependant".

Air & Lodging Reservations
It's highly recommended that you make your travel plans as early as possible. Airlines and Anchorage hotels can fill up quickly. We are happy to recommend lodging and airlines. Plan to arrive the day before your trip starts in order to attend our mandatory pre-trip meeting. Plan to depart no sooner than the evening following the last day of your trip’s published end date.

Return from the Wilderness & Possibility of Delay
Weather conditions permitting, you will return from your trip late in the day on the last day of your trip’s published end date. It is a good idea to plan one or more extra days in McGrath following your return in case of delay. Family members should be made aware of the real possibility of delays and someone at home should have the ability to re-organize your travel and lodging should your delay necessitate a change in plans for you.

Pre-trip Meeting
We will host a pre-trip meeting the evening before your trip. The meeting will be held in the lounge area of Hotel McGrath and will conveniently serve as a meet-and-greet, orientation, and Q&A session.  Please bring all of the gear that you intend to take on your trip. We will weigh it, and help reorganize it, if necessary. This meeting takes about 2 hours.

On our guided tours, we carry satellite phones for medical emergencies. Once you depart Anchorage, your cell phone will not have a signal (with the exception of Alaska-based GCI cell phones which will work in McGrath, but not in neighboring villages that you may visit).  There will be access to WiFi and telephones/calling cards in McGrath.

Valuables & Extra Gear
Hotel McGrath will store your valuables in our safe if requested.  We will also store any luggage or extra gear that you will not need while on your adventure.

Personal Gear
Follow our Equipment List closely. On backpack trips, limit your personal gear to no more than 35# including a tent and rental gear. Leave room in your backpack for an additional 12-18# of food for one week, or 18-24# for 10-12 days. Backpackers may be issued additional community gear. On river trips, limit your gear to 50#. You will be issued a day bag for use on the river, for items that you want to have access to throughout the day (extra camera batteries, etc.).

Rental Gear
Rental gear is available on a first-come, first-served basis. We need to receive your Rental Request Form with your full payment 60 days before the trip.  ​​​

About Rafting
On all of our guided raft trips, a raft captain is in charge of each boat. Everyone joins in the fun and work of paddling. Previous experience is not necessary except where specified in the itinerary.            In some cases, the rivers may be shallow and braided in places. We may have to get out and walk along the rafts for short distances or slide the rafts over shallow spots. During abnormally long dry periods we may have more of this than usual.

About Canoeing/Kayaking
Except where specified in the itinerary, experience canoeing and kayaking is not required.

Weather & Bugs
Weather in Interior Alaska is highly variable both daily and yearly. On any one trip we can get all kinds of weather. Generally speaking, though: June tends to have highly variable, but generally clear weather. It can include a mix of cold, rain, and wind as well as hot and dry spells. Mosquitos typically come out in June and can be quite pesky.  A good insect repellent is a must.       July tends to have the steadiest weather: warm and dry with the potential for afternoon or evening thunderstorms. Bugs will be bad so you might want to consider a head net. August can yield some of the finest weather if you’re lucky, but it tends to be the rainiest month. Day-light is almost continuous during May, June and July. By late August dark night with stars and the aurora are possible.

Pocket Money
Bring enough cash for souvenirs, native crafts or for purchasing snacks/meals at villages we may visit en route to/from the trip.  While the village of McGrath doesn't have a bank, there is an ATM in the store.  Most businesses accept Credit/Debit cards.

Tips and Tipping
If you think your guide(s) did a great job, a tip is very much appreciated.

Signing up for a Real Alaska adventure is easy!

1.     Fill-out a Reservation Form.
2.     We will be in touch very soon, to answer any questions you might have, confirm that your desired
         trip has space and will be the best choice for your interests and abilities, and will arrange    
         payment for any deposit required to confirm your reservation.
3.     Review the pre-trip information and the relevant gear list that we email to you.
4.     Don't forget to fill-out a Rental-Request and Participant Agreement within 60 days of your trip
         and return with your final payment.
5.     Now sit back, relax and dream about your upcoming Real Alaska adventure!

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