McGrath to Aniak:  Mighty Kuskokwim River Raft Tour

An Exciting Alaskan Adventure

TRIP LENGTH:  10 Days with 7 Days Paddling
Custom Trips Available, from 1 to 21 days.

10-DAY TOUR, all inclusive

This extraordinary rafting tour along the mighty and untamed Kuskokwim River snakes through some of Alaska's most remote and beautiful scenery.  This tour will take you on a journey back in time.   Savour an endless backdrop of majestic vistas, fun wilderness rafting, frequent wildlife encounters as well as the chance to explore several authentic Athabascan and Yupik villages.  Hiking from the river is nearly endless and the fishing is exceptional.   Wildlife is abundant along the banks, and there are ample opportunities to photograph some of Alaska's most elusive animals and birds.  The area's residents include:  moose, caribou, black bear, grizzly bear, lynx, red fox, wolverine, beaver, river otter, bald eagle, golden eagle, swan, peregrine falcon and more.  From each night’s camp we can  hike off to explore our surroundings – the massive boreal forest, sparkling lakes, wildflower-rich willow forests, as well as excellent fishing areas.  

No previous river experience is necessary for paddle rafting, as instruction is provided.  Everyone joins in the fun of paddling under the guidance of an experienced raft captain.

The Real Alaska/Hotel McGrath Tours encourage parents to bring their children along on all of our soft-adventure trips, and this one is perfectly designed for adventures of all ages.  There is no additional charge to include your children on this tour.
What follows is a general flow of events. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be flexible.
Day 1:
Depart Anchorage via Alaska Transit Transit, where you'll enjoy a spectacular flight over the Alaska Range.
Arrive at the authentically Alaskan village of McGrath, at the confluence of the Kuskokwim and Takotna Rivers.  Here, you'll stay at Hotel McGrath for the first evening where you'll have the opportunity to explore the friendly village and culture. Your guide will host a pre-trip meeting and gear check in the afternoon, followed by dinner at the hotel.  
Day 2-8:
Following a hearty breakfast, we'll load up our raft and attend a safety briefing before beginning to paddle down the Kuskokwim River towards the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.  Along the way, expect endless breathtaking views and multiple wildlife encounters.  The Kuskokwim is fairly easy-going which allows us to get up close to the wildlife.  Keep your camera handy and bring plenty of extra batteries and memory cards.  Lunch will be prepared and served riverside or along a gravel bar.  Each day, expect to paddle for 4-6 hours before stopping to camp for the night.  This will allow plenty of time for exploring, photography and excellent fishing.  A delicious and protein-packed Dinner and Breakfast will be prepared daily at each camp.  We'll stop at various villages along the way including, Sleetmute, Crooked Creek and Chuathbaluk.  You'll enjoy the local culture in these friendly villages, rich with history and pride.
Day 9:
This will be our final day of paddling.  We'll make time to stop at various gravel bars to search for agates and explore various lakes and fields.   Upon our arrival in Aniak, we'll spend a few hours exploring the village before catching a bush plane back to McGrath.  Once back in McGrath, you'll return to the hotel for a warm shower and a delicious food.  You'll want to use the internet or the iPhone that the hotel provides to each of their guests to contact family and friends and share some stories from your amazing journey along one of Alaska's most beautiful rivers.
Day 10:
Say goodbye to the Real Alaska, where you've made many friends and even more amazing memories.  Catch the morning flight to Anchorage where you can spend a day or two exploring Alaska's biggest village before heading home.